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Essays about foot binding

essays about foot binding

its center. Chinese men associated bound feet with higher-status love and sex, using them in foreplay (Levy, 2). Even so, the whole marriage would be looked down upon as bad luck (Chinn, 38). Things Chinese discussed the role of foot binding in the intricate social structure of the Chinese. She was deaf to my childish cries. 10 of these teenagers will die.

Feminist groups also began to pop up all over China, speaking out against foot binding (Mo-ch n, 65). The Repercussions, the ancient Chinese custom of foot binding has caused severe life-long disability for many millions of elderly women, even in today s China. A man would rarely take a woman with unbound feet unless he was extremely poor. Running and other stresses on the foot were out of the question. Often, a girl would unwrap her feet after a few days because of the enormous amount of pain and pressure against her foot. She also sprinkled alum between my toes. It began with the emperor Li Yu of the T ang Dynasty who, acting on his fetish for small feet, instructed his favorite concubine, Lovely Maiden, to bind her feet in silk cloth in order to make the tips of them look like a crescent.

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