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How to start a comparison essay paragraph

how to start a comparison essay paragraph

and write a clear topic sentence which tells the reader what you are going to talk about. Use linking words throughout the paragraph. A thesis or main idea which is your response to the question. Body Paragraph of a Comparative Essay Guide. Further model example:the theme of impersonality in ' The Destructors ' The theme of impersonality is embedded in the story in complex, perhaps ambivalent, ways, reflected by the.s own ambivalence towards the house. Evidence for this is found in the fact that 'it only needed a single use of his real name and the gang would be at his heels.' His personal response, symbolic of a set of values, is not permitted and it threatens the identity. There is some dislocation in that whilst there was an earlier suggestion or hint (again unclearly expressed) that the church was destroying itself, now there is a suggestion that Trevor is solely responsible for the destruction of the church, in the symbolic form of the. After each draft of the essay check that each point is presented in a logical and coherent order. (2) There are several problems with the second sentence. But the comparison/contrast form allows the writer to explore several different ideas and possibilities without restriction. The theme of challenging authority in ' The Conversion of the Jews '.

A number of the images have religious connotations.  How do those similarities and differences impact the bigger picture? What is Comparative Essay?

There are no hard or fast rules and regulations here - no writing committee has decreed that a paragraph should contain an ideal number of words or sentences or run a certain length over a page. The power the gang has to name is also linked to impersonality: one's previous identity, symbolised by a 'real name has to be sacrificed in order to join. Have you been too long-winded or repetitive? Various ideas are referred to and introduced without ever being fully explained or analysed. The paragraph refers back to analysis already done, thus emphasising the clear structure of the essay and enhancing the interrelationships of its parts. Before you start, think about- whether the similarities between the items are greater than the differences or vice-versa. If you know the marked difference between two items and are confident about your knowledge, then you may construct the body paragraph in this way. A main idea is more than a piece of content that you found while you were researching, it is often a point that you want to make about the information that you are discussing. . The direction that your thinking is taking in the essay should be very clear to your reader. .