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Essay about translation and culture through reading

essay about translation and culture through reading

distinguished: the ST ideal reader and the TT ideal reader. Gestures and habits Newmark points out that gestures and habits are "often described in 'non-cultural' language" (Newmark, 1988:103). These stray little flotsam and jetsam of world culture which have been washed up on their shores are quite enough for the taste of the First World. Material culture "Food is for many the most sensitive and important expression of national culture; food terms are subject to the widest variety of translation procedures" (Newmark, 1988:97). All the politically correct talk of ecodiversity and biodiversity concerns a harmless and less problematic level of species below the human; there is no corresponding desire that one can discern for cultural or linguistic diversity. In this case the translation as "sweets" seems to correspond to the idea of the original signification, even if it is a more abstract translation of the French original, and is therefore more appropriate concerning its function in the TT than a translation of formal. Indeed, Boeotians in Antique periods were considered to be a nation of rough peasants lacking in culture. Thus, when translating, it is important to consider not only the lexical impact on the TL reader, but also the manner in which cultural aspects may be perceived and make translating decisions accordingly. The different aforementioned theories will be considered and their relative pertinence examined.

As he recounts, they required stories about the new immigrant British communities, by cultural translators, as it were, to interpret one side to the other, and though Kureishi knew that as a non-migrant true-born Britisher he was not by upbringing and sensibility the sort. The slightly ironic touch portrayed by the image of a typical Berber man wearing the classic symbol of a Frenchman, namely a blue beret, may not be entirely lost on a TT reader yet without understanding the historical and cultural background the depth of the. Another example of material culture includes an eponym, namely bouteilles de Sidi Brahim (l.42). It is the dream of translation as survival as Derrida translated the time of Benjamins concept of the after-life of translation, as sur-vivre, the act of living on borderlines. General cultural implications for translation Language and culture may thus be seen as being closely related and both aspects must be considered for translation. Linguistic notions of transferring meaning are seen as being only part of the translation process; "a whole set of extra-linguistic criteria" must also be considered.

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The proposed translation of " obligeance" as "obsequiousness" may overemphasise the should i use big words in college essay strength of the original ST term yet the mockingly over-servile attitude aimed at being conveyed by the author is respected. Works cited Bassnett, Susan. Following Newmark who claims "the additional information a translator may have to add to his version is normally cultural (accounting for difference between SL and TL culture technical. To a British reader however, this may not produce the pleasurable effect intended by the author and care must be taken to convey the drop in temperature positively. Lotman's theory states that "no language can exist unless it is steeped in the context of culture; and no culture can exist which does not have at its centre, the structure of natural language" (Lotman, 1978:211-32). Considering the nature of the text and the similarities between the ideal ST and TT reader, an important aspect is to determine how much missing background information should be provided by the translator using these methods. (Writers and their Work series). As he forthrightly put it in another interview, I am not a Pakistani or an Indian writer, Im a British writer (qted. Here, as indeed at numerous other places, one may get the feeling that one is still trying to catch Bhabhas shadow while already living. There are basically two possibilities when translating this word, keeping the original term or using the wider known term, Turkish delight, which may however carry a semantic incompatibility with chez l'Arabe.

essay about translation and culture through reading

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