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Dissertation committee meeting agenda

dissertation committee meeting agenda

Graduate Chair for approval, as well as any subsequent changes that are felt necessary to this Committee. Because it is challenging to schedule any meeting that includes multiple individuals, please schedule all Thesis Committee Meetings two to three months in advance. . Under these circumstances, a Master of Science degree will be awarded. So here are some tips. When the meeting is 6 months past due, the stipend will be discontinued, and the student will be dismissed from the program.

Students must advise the developmental method thesis Graduate Coordinator of this meeting, including date, time, and location. Committee meetings are also important for ensuring that the student is: i) on schedule to complete his or her Thesis in an appropriate time frame, including maintaining the appropriate balance of experiments, analysis, writing, and dissemination; ii) thinking about and effectively pursuing post-graduation career plans;. Typically, you'll probably need both a brief research presentation (approx. Additional meetings must be held at least once a year or at the discretion of the Thesis Committee. This form should be filled out at the end of each Committee Meeting, reviewed with the student and then provided to the Coordinator. . The student will also receive a copy of this report for review and comments.