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Comparing buddhism and hinduism essay

comparing buddhism and hinduism essay

followers, it seems to contain less truth or philosophical rightness. Buddhism, on the other hand, has no interest in the structural model of a society to effect similar results. This is evidenced by the supreme respect Buddhist have for those who achieve Nirvana, quasi-deifying these men, recognizing their superhuman wisdom and spirit while refusing to attribute them supernatural properties. Comparing Hinduism and Buddhism Essay Comparing Hinduism and Buddhism While Hinduism and Buddhism come from the same cultural. Dhamma does not imply specific biological or social obligations, but maintains a comparable philosophical construct. Also, both religions promote non-violent beliefs toward all living things.

Although Buddhism does see life as pain and suffering and reincarnation as a renewal of this suffering, there is a potential escape. The most important aspect of Nirvana, however, is its unrestricted access to people of any social background. This result shows the power of a religion so closely tied to the social structure.

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Also the comparison between Aluk To Dolo Chinese priest and religions, and Japanese Zen master. Hinduism and Buddhism, two old and sacred religions, are similar in many ways; however, their differences are distinct enough to separate them entirely. This again results from Buddhisms de-emphasis on social order. The responsibilities of ones current caste also constitute the dharma; which will further advance or punish one in your next life. There are 200 to 300 million Buddhist in several countries including: India, Thailand, Cambodia, Nepal, Taiwan, and China. They believe if you have a bad life it is because of the bad karma you gave in a past life, while the Buddhist believe everyone is suffering. If one renounces his attachment to desire and self, Nirvana, or escape from the cycles of suffering, is possible. Buddhism; Comparison says Related to Compare and Contrast Hinduism and Buddhism. By comparing the two religions, one can easily see why it is that Hinduism has proved the more stable and Buddhism the more humanitarian philosophy. I believe this is the case with Hinduism. Hindus and Buddha both had different beliefs. The Buddhists and Hindus both have their own teachings that they follow and yet they do believe in some of the same things.

comparing buddhism and hinduism essay

Hinduism Essay Research Paper Hinduism Hinduism was. Hinduism And Buddhism Essay, Research Paper Hinduism and Buddhism Introduction- Hinduism and Buddhism are two. I would also like to show how they compare and contrast.

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