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Research paper on digital marketing in india

research paper on digital marketing in india

for evaluating impact of ads. Naturally, advertising dollars are increasingly flowing to digital as well. Our postgraduate masters programmes feature a mix of core and optional modules, allowing you to tailor your degree towards your individual personal development needs and career ambitions. They used a variety of neuromarketing methods, including eye tracking and biometric measurements, to gauge the initial reactions. A week later, many of the same subjects were put in an fMRI machine to evaluate the longer-term impact of the ads. Video : What is Digital Marketing? Paper ads engaged viewers for more time.

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Henley is renowned for its well-researched, professional approach to this aspect of business education and all our postgraduate programmes examine this aspect of leadership - helping to create emotionally intelligent graduates who can be fully effective in their chosen careers. Print will be less important for utilitarian purchases, for example: Low-emotion products (e.g., office supplies) Categories with many SKUs (e.g., printer ink) Items where distinctive branding is less important Items that dont benefit from compelling images These and similar areas can be served effectively. Id love to see a similar set of experiments conducted to compare the small-screen experience to paper apush essay rubric 2017 media. This stimulating mix of lectures and interactive tutorials provides you with the opportunity to discuss and explore the subject material in depth with your lecturers and fellow students. The scientists had subjects view ads via either digital or physical media.

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