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The israeli-palestinian conflict essay

the israeli-palestinian conflict essay

its effects on European Jewry. 1920 - San Remo Resolution - Resolution of the 1920 San Remo conference of the four principal allied powers, concerning the distribution of class "A" mandates in the Middle East territories of the former Ottoman Empire. At the conclusion of negotiations, they issued an optimistic joint communique. 1947: Population of Palestine Estimated By the Anglo American Commission - This report was produced in 1947 and estimates population as of December 31, 1946. 1989: Israeli Peace Proposal - Under pressure from the US following the Palestine National Council declaration of acceptance of UN Resolutions 242 and 338, Israel issues a peace plan for negotiations with the Palestinians, but not with the PLO. Their positions regarding the refugee problem were published in the French newspaper Le Monde, and indicate fundamental differences of opinion. This Zionist program, according to the charter, is set forth in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion (an anti - Semitic forgery). It is based on the assertion that the Jewish people, like any other people, has the right to self-determination; Jews have a right to a national apa reference essays home in their historic homeland. . The ideological and cultural foundations of Zionism have always been present in Jewish tradition. 1930: The Hope-Simpson Report - (note - this is a very large document) The Hope Simpson report, issued following the riots of 1929, recommended the cessation of Jewish immigration to Palestine pending development of irrigation, which might allow the immigration of an additional 20,000 families.

Balfour Declaration, secured for the Zionist organization through the efforts. Beyond this symbolic step, the conference was in reality a rather modest milestone. This document should not be confused with a document called the "San Remo Convention" that appears in a few places on the Web, but which is identical to the text of the British Mandate for Palestine issued in London in 1922 by the League. Petersburg, issued this statement regarding the crisis that began when Lebanese Hezbollah terrorists abducted two Israeli soldiers, killed 3 others and began firing rocket attacks on Israel. The concept of " am Yisrael " - the "people of Israel" or "nation of Israel has been inherent in Jewish culture from ancient times. The discussion of refugees remains relevant today.