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Pros and cons organ donation essay

pros and cons organ donation essay

the same as truly being alive, but for families who have watched the person they love fight off death, the harvesting of organs before the body has gone cold can seem ghoulish or unnecessary. Most states have similar donor leave laws for state employees, but some offer the 30 days of leave unpaid. Lucky are the few who lives without experiencing hyperacute rejection, acute rejection, or chronic rejection. List of Cons of Organ Donation. Living organ donations, for instance, may lead to potential side effects, blood clots, hemorrhaging or damage to tissues and organs surrounding the area being operated. Any surgery offers a risk to the person that may include death. The body remains hooked up to a ventilator, so that the organs are in prime condition when they are removed.

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For many organ recipients, their total care cost exceeds 1 million, with heart-lung transplant recipients facing a cost.3 million. Note that while medical students quickly develop a utilitarian attitude toward the cadavers, an individual might have a strong emotional reaction to a cadaver, especially if the donors body reminds the student of someone she knows. Does the Donor and Recipient Have to Be An Exact Match? The following is list of the advantages and disadvantages associated with organ donation. Many families do not have a choice in who gets the organs that are being donated by a loved one through tragedy. With so many young people stricken with illness, in desperate need of help, receiving an organ donation helps them to live a better life and ensures that their death did not occur in vain. Almost anyone can become a donor, provided they meet certain criteria. Some who received deceased organ donations also reported lifelong health problems and complications that resulted in more financial problems. Even organs that are deemed suitable for transplanting are not always safe. If someone is a direct match for an individual on the organ transplant list, then it is possible to help a person in need right now. Even after your death, you will be able to save many lives if and when a cure is discovered. Those who received the organ transplant will have a second chance at life, where they will have an opportunity to return to a normal lifestyle, minus the expensive routine treatment.

Unfortunately, donated organs to the United Network for Organ Sharing are distributed without preferential treatment, which can be devastating for the surviving family members. It is possible to help someone right now. Those who donate a kidney may be prohibited from consuming alcohol. This is unethical and there is no proof that something like this has ever taken place.

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