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Cag essay competition results

cag essay competition results

Accounts of members and establishments Monitoring the work of subordinate staff and resolving any issues arising in the course of work. The brief about this service is as below : What is epfo? Hindustan Zinc, balco, Maruti Disinvestment taken. As.8.2015, sanctioned strength of Group A Officers in the cadre of PF Commissioners is 852. The PF Commissioners are also deputed to foreign countries for short duration for carrying out social security agreements related work with other countries. Training Directly recruited Assistant PF Commissioners (Probationers) initially undergo 45 days on the job training (OJT) programme in the field offices. PF Commissioners along with Enforcement Officers in epfo have been notified by the Central Government as Inspectors for the purpose of EPF Act implementation and are vested with powers of search, seizure of the establishments. The Induction Training broadly includes class room sessions on many functional areas viz. In the year 1988, EPF MP Act was amended and except for the post of cpfc Financial Adviser, Central Board was delegated the power to appoint PF Commissioners through upsc. Click me to read more about. The weightage of PT is 25 this time.

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cag essay competition results

Overview of Service: Recruitment, training, role Function of PF Commissioners. Also the gestation period of civil services being long, initially I wanted to grab some job. Never, Never, Never Give Up! Overall it was satisfactory, I tried to remain positive and I think that helped me despite not being able to answer some technical and current affairs questions. Further, this post being for providing social security to the workers, interview board does tests aspirants approach / attitude towards the downtrodden and low income groups of society. In such cases, disinvestment doesnt decrease Government control over those companies. Insights Weekly Essay Challenges 2018 Week 29 Archives Write an essay on the following topic in not more than words: Section 377, not the carnal acts banned under it, is against the order of nature Reference Reference. Design your survey, click to send, and then select Buy a Targeted Audience to choose the respondents and audience size you want. Check out these and other survey templates for your research projects. The journey was over or may be it has begun. But hardly managed to get 16,000 crores.