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Essay about shortage of water

essay about shortage of water

just to produce one glass of milk people need 200 L of water Hunger Relief and Water in Africa and this amount goes up to 13,000 L for only one kg of beef Facts and Figures. Through this realization, one apprehends the fact that out of the four requirements of life, water by far provides as the most important. Leon Kaye (2013,. Water is the reason for our existence; Water everywhere on the planet is a basic part of the global hydrologic cycle, its a finite resource. Politicians and conservationists all agree that without a new working water plan, the state could be facing one of the most damaging environmental disasters they impressive conclusions for essays have ever seen.

Drinking water protection is a big responsibility that involves government, business and individuals.
Water degradation affects people by causing health problems, and water shortage affects international security by causing regional controversies and conflicts.
This essay will discuss two main causes of water shortage and water degradation and their effects on people and international security.
One main cause of water shortage is mismanagement of water resources.
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As a result, the domestic self-supplied population has greatly decreased and the need for public-water supply systems has intensified. It is essential for the life and survival of human beings birds, beasts, plants and trees. It was decided that the Indian Govt. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, or the FOA, believes that India will literally run out of water if certain steps are not taken to cpo heritage essay replenish Indias aquifers. He used mountain fog to provide water. But this was never fulfilled.

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