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batchtold thesis

Biomimetics, Artificial Muscles and Nano-Bio, which was held in Jeju Island, in 2013. He obtained his PhD from the university of Basel. In the experimental field, to: Dominik Kufer in recognition of the exceptional thesis: Photodetectors based on low-dimensional materials and hybrid systems, supervised by Prof. His research interests lay in the field of ultra-high resolution nanolithography and nanofabrication, with the emphasis on the patterning of functional nanostructures on unconventional and curved substrates. In 2001 he pioneered the activity on Si Photonics within the framework of a 5 year long sponsored contract with MIT Microphotonics Center and started internally in Pirelli the development platform for optical components, specifically silica based PLCs and Si based nanophotonics. We show that these tiny objects behave as Brownian particles evolving in a two-dimensional harmonic potential. During the first year of the PhD program, she performed the research activities and training at the Master Domini laboratory, Dept. He has been co-authoring more than 20 papers, besides a number of other publications (1 book chapters, several conference proceedings, etc.) and several invited talks. In 1998 he joined Pirelli. Keynote plenary, giuseppe Battaglia is Professor of Molecular Bionics.

More info, paolo Biagioni (Politecnico di Milano, Italy). In 2016 Amit joined the School of Chemistry at Tel Aviv University as a faculty member. In 2009 he moved to the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia in Genova as head of the Nanochemistry Department. In addition, these systems can vibrate at the GHz regime while their resonant frequencies can be widely tunable. Since 2011: Teacher of "Physical Chemistry of Biomolecules Master degree in Physics, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.

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(left to right) Prof Adrian Bachtold, Dr Peter Weber, Dr Dominik K ufer, Prof.

At the Hebrew University of Jerualem, Jerusalem, Israel. In 2010, he moved to kaist as an associate professor and was promoted to a full Professor in the department of mechanical engineering in 2015. He is author and co-author on over 120 international scientific publications and holds.S. His research activities concern the development of advanced electron microscopy characterization techniques, with a particular focus on SEM and stem at low and at high energy, the structural characterization of nano-scale materials, in particular low-dimensional carbon allotropes, and synthesis, characterization and technological processing and integration. He is also interested in organic and hybrid nanostructured materials to enhance light-matter interactions for optoelectronic devices. Moreover, they exhibit strong mechanical nonlinearities and among their intriguing properties how to write your extended essay introduction is the efficient coupling of their mechanical vibrations to electrons in the Coulomb blockade and Quantum Hall regimes. D., he also worked in Basel (Switzerland) by the group of Prof. Patents as well as more than 80 Korea patents.

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batchtold thesis