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I like english because essay

i like english because essay

guidelines. Essential Essential, 13:19, (UTC) Delete because the information is available elsewhere. An article that was kept in a past deletion discussion may still be deleted if deletion is supported by strong reasons that were not adequately addressed in the previous deletion discussion; after all, consensus can change. Frequently, this is done with reference to policies and guidelines, so to glibly brand them as "only an essay" or "only a proposal" may be misleading. As this essay tries to stimulate people to use sound arguments in deletion discussions, it is important to realize that countering the keep or delete arguments of other people, or dismissing them outright, by simply referring them to this essay is not encouraged (see also. In short: Just because a celebrity or organization is losing doesnt mean its not notable! YouTube Is The World Keep This slipped through the cracks and never got media coverage at all, so using its own self-published documentation is the only way we can rescue it from obscurity. But no extra weight is given to the rationales spiritual direction essay by thomas merton pdf offered by nominators over rationales offered, whether for or against deletion, by other discussion participants. You do not have to blame yourself for lack of time and assiduity, you can realize more important goals. Our responsive online customer support will help you. Examples: Delete None of the source coverage would have occurred had the one event not occurred.

However, note also that the current low quality of an article is also not a reason to delete it, as explained above. OccupyBaz, 23:42, 27 February 2012 (UTC) And on the converse of that converse (see I don't like it, directly above while some editors may feel that deleting a page would be playing into the hands of a certain group, that alone isn't enough by itself. I put my draft for editing here to get the help and write my essay for me, and I got A at the college. Studybay is a freelance platform.

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Hippocrates2, 05:05, (UTC) Delete This article is very harmful to many people. Usefulisgood, 05:05, (UTC) Delete : We don't need this here. And keep in mind that while sources such as blogs aren't usually suitable for the purposes of establishing notability, they review paper on research paper may be perfectly suitable for verifying information within an article whose notability has already been established by other means. Try to present persuasive reasons in line with policy or consensus as to why the should be kept/deleted, and try to make sure it is an argument based on the right reasons. Having sources that under all circumstances meet this guideline means that it is notable, and therefore, worthy of an article. If such a template is found on a newly created page, as a common courtesy, new page patrollers and others should not rush to delete the page unless it is obvious that it can never meet inclusion guidelines. Nobody's working on it (or impatience with improvement) edit See also: Wikipedia:Arguments to avoid on discussion pages Nobody's working on it (or impatience with improvement) Please study the introduction of this essay on making solid arguments in deletion discussions. Delete The person lost in the competition/event, so he/she couldn't possibly be notable.

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