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Short essay on religious tolerance in india

short essay on religious tolerance in india

not because of the tolerant nature of the Hindus of western coast, but despite. It is true that the Hindus never subjected other religious groups and sects to either inhuman treatment or physical torture. Some of them doubted the very existence of God and the possibility of any after me believed in the existence of soul, but not in the existence of a Creator. Some of the south Indian saints of Saivism were particularly vehement in their criticism of Buddhism and Jainism. Whosoever comes to Me, through whatsoever form, I reach him; all men are struggling through paths which in the end lead. Thus, chaos makes room for cosmos; and discord ends in a concordant note; the house becomes a home of peace and harmony.

short essay on religious tolerance in india

The third chapter emphasizes that the fullness of means to salvation can be found only in the Catholic Church. The followers of Saivism quarreled not only with the followers of Vishnu, but also with the Buddhists, whom they extended essay ib survival english criticized and ridiculed in several ways. E Brahmins never allowed the lower castes to enjoy equal status. Since they had little scope to express their inner feelings without risking their safety and security, most of them remained innerly hostile, unwilling to make any reconciliation with the outsiders. Hardly any amity existed among these two sects. The way which is the easiest and most pragmatic attracts and impresses the highest number. Those who doubt this are advised to read the early history of Parsis in India. They also did not permit any one other than a Brahmin priest to recite mantras on important religious occasions. The document was signed by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger and Archbishop Tarcisio Bertone and was approved by the Pope himself. They had little tolerance for the lower sections of Hindu society, their very people. It is the religious tolerance that has sustained India for the last seven millenniums since the age of the Vedas, Of late in the year 2000 two events took place.

An ideology thrives and earns popularity in this process.
Bearing this truth in mind a political activist should show tolerance in his dealings with the.
Religious tolerance is the backbone of a cultural and civilized society or nation.
It is ingrained in the Indian psyche.
A number of invaders came to are struggling through paths which in the end lead.