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What do medical schools look for in essays

what do medical schools look for in essays

finding the best candidates for medical school. But one of the big things that the medical professional has grappled with in recent years is the realization that, as difficult and demanding as med school is, its really just the start of your journey as a physician. Are you a responsible, and trusted member of your community? I think that long term involvement in significant activities (research and volunteering, shadowing) allows you to get exposure to what medicine is about.

what do medical schools look for in essays

Med school admissions committees look for applicants who have the potential to successfully complete the program.
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How motivated are you to become a doctor, and do you persevere through tough times? Who will make the commitment to being a life-long learner? Is the GPA I earned in my science courses high enough to get me in the consideration pool? Anything that proves youre a natural leader, critical thinker, creative, or an emotionally strong person will make your medical school application shine. Yes, we look at GPAs and mcat scores, but we look at them to tell us not just how much you know, but also how serious you are about becoming a physician. If you dont positively relish the idea of hitting the books every night and being tested over and over, it may not be for you. Am I good enough?, Did I score high enough on my mcat? GPA and mcat scores still play the most dominant role but having a list of classes, extracurricular activities, and internships that point to strong personal attributes can also help your chances. The discussion one is able to bring up about it, tells how much you really care about what you say you care about; and not just have submitted a check list of activities, that someone said that you were supposed. By passion I mean- to be really able to tell that you really care; and not necessarily about Biology or Science in general, but passion for anything you have undertaken.