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About natural calamities essay

about natural calamities essay

tabled in March 2013, the State Disaster Management Authority, which was formed in 2007, did not meet at all between 20 to suggest and implement any remedial measures in the event of a natural calamity. But what we can do, as far as possible, is to take precautionary measures at different levels of society to minimize the impact of these natural disasters on the people and their properties. An earthquake in Pakistan some time ago caused much damage to the houses and the people. 1, other dangers include frequent summer dust storms, which usually track from north to south; they cause extensive property damage in North India 2 and deposit large amounts of dust from arid regions. This situation is unfavourable to human, physical, environmental and social functioning; it causes human suffering, harm to property and environmental degradation on a massive scale.

15 At 4C an extremely wet monsoon which currently has a 1 in 100 years chance will occur in every 10 years by 2100. "Impact of Ocean Warming on Tropical Cyclone Size and Its Destructiveness". Earthquakes, tsunami, a new natural calamity unknown to many and sudden floods cause indescribable damage to people. 26 The summers have already become more intense in India with some regions regularly reporting temperatures around 45C.

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People should be made educated about the need for evacuation. Clothes, more than any other factor adds to the development of overall personality. Excess, erratic, or untimely monsoon rainfall may also wash away or otherwise ruin crops. Naval Maritime Forecast Center (Joint Typhoon Warning Center). When she told this piece of news to the reporters one could see her heart bursting in uncontrollable grief. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

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