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Romeo and juliet essay act 3 scene 1

romeo and juliet essay act 3 scene 1

Tybalt does not understand why Romeo will not respond to his dueling challenge a traditional mechanism to assert and protect masculine nobility. The second section begins when Tybalt enters the scene.

Act 2, scene 6, next, act 3, scene. Another term that is no longer in use is fee-simple. The theme of nature appears quite a lot, as a lot of animal imagery is used. Active Themes, get the entire.

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Romeo says to himself that love for Juliet has made him "effeminate." Tybalt returns. Romeo is forced to flee a mob of citizens as the Prince, the heads of the two households, and their wives appear at the scene. In the film Tybalt brutally beats Romeo up, and Mercutio steps. "Your lady mother is coming to your chamber". Tybalt is an angry young man that has been insulted, and wants revenge. Romeo and Juliet as a play was very much influenced by the time in which it was written. Romeo, by contrast, is as passionate about love as Tybalt and Mercutio are about hostility. Although Mercutio has great status, he talks in prose, perhaps in order to allow more room for him to play with words. In the film he yells this in the rain before Balthasar comes to take him from the murder scene, which is not the same as in the play where Benvolio urges him to be gone.