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Essay on olympics on mars

essay on olympics on mars

on video games, the notion still isn't in full areenece. We have almost destroyed our beautiful Earth. After all this new technology being developed, a new revolution is approaching; a transaction that may or not change our lives forever. Topped the final medals tally with a total of 103 medals (35 Gold, 39 Silver and 29 Bronze) followed by and China with 63 medals (32 Gold, 17 Silver, 14 Bronze) and Russia with 92 medals (27 Gold, 27 Silver and 38 Bronze). These rings symbolise the five continents of Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and America. But in modern times, the winners are awarded medals and certificates. It would be super exciting. My school conducts space workshop every year and I make sure I participate in the same each year. It would be blissful living in such a place.

The most dramatic moment of it is the lighting of the Olympic Flame. The Columbia tragedy brought dj vu to many people, reminding them of the same horrors sustained through the Challenger crash of 1986. We will learn so much about the planet with the help of those aliens. I really wish that if people actually exist on Mars they are not as selfish as those living on Earth. Without farmers we would not have food, without food we will all die.

Mars in English for Children and Students

essay on olympics on mars